After posting some of my writing on my university’s anonymous crush declaration page, and receiving an unexpectedly brilliant response, I finally decided to take the time to create my own blog. Previously, my thoughts were confined to the Notes application on my iPhone, or in text messages to unsuspecting dear friends in discussing related subjects.

I’ve always felt that writing is freeing, and felt the word-avalanche once I’ve started.

Although I’ve always been bummed at not being able to write narrative stories or poetry or song lyrics. These do not come easily to me. What I can write about, however, is my life experiences. I enjoy searching for the words that express my emotions perfectly.
The way that indescribable feelings can become more tangible, more under control, and less threatening once I find out exactly what they mean to me and why they have such an immense impact.
I’ve always had great respect for writers who have mastered that art.

Reading a line that leaves you breathless, thinking “that’s it!”.

Finally being granted the tremendous gift of someone saying what you have always felt, but not had the means to voice.

I choose to remain anonymous so that these confessions of mine may continue to be a freeing experience for me. So that I may always feel the freedom of non-judgement.
I may blog about life, about relationships, friendships, my country, family, my career, conflicts and celebrations.
I trust that you all will respect the courage that opening up requires, but also that you will constructively criticise my writings and naivety, so that my writings may grow, and hopefully so that my consciousness shall too.



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